Website Protection: Website SSL certificate How To Help

Website Protection: Website SSL certificate How To Help

If you want your website to be a safer place for your visitors, you should get an SSL certificate. Getting one is really simple if you know how to do it. But if you’re quite new to this process, it could seem a little bit tricky so here is a website SSL certificate how to help to get your site protected in no time.

Know What Your Website Needs

There are different types of SSL certificates:

  1. Standard SSL certificates
  2. Server Gated Cryptography SSL certificates
  3. Extended Validation SSL certificates

The three certificates mentioned above have ascending levels of security (number three being the highest). If your website will handle payments from online purchases, you might want to choose something with a higher level of security so that your customers’ personal and financial account details would be safe.

Compare Before Purchasing

After you have determined what kind of SSL certificate your website needs, it’s time to do some online research to compare prices, certificate features, and read SSL reviews. There are certificate authorities that would charge high fees for something that is similar to what cheaper companies would provide so be wary.

You should research on the certificate authority that you consider purchasing your SSL certificate from though. Make sure that the company you’re going to buy your certificate from is legitimate and had proven their credibility. Look for feedback and reviews before making up your mind.

SSL Certificate Installation

CSR Request

  • After you have successfully purchased your SSL certificate, you should now go to your web hosting SSL provider and request for a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) so that your certificate provider would issue you a copy of your certificate.
  • Once you have your CSR, you can now submit it to your certificate provider and they will then give you the copy of your certificate.

SSL Certificate Installation

Most of the time, your certificate provider will provide you with tools and instructions on how you can install your SSL certificate to your website. There are also support teams that would help you during the process.

You might need to copy and paste your certificate copy on your server’s software or you can use commands to reference it.

  • By doing so, you will first need to select the website that you want to apply your certificate on before providing the copy of your certificate on the text box provided.
  • You can also use directives to reference your certificate from your directory (hard disk) to your web server. You can do this by executing commands that will locate and apply your certificate to your website.
  • After you have successfully uploaded your certificate, restart your server and wait for a few minutes for the changes to apply.

Whatever best SSL certificate you purchase, you should keep in mind that you have to know the level and kind of protection it provides so that you can be sure that your website and your visitors are secured. Also, whatever process you have chosen to apply your certificate, you should always remember that you can ask for the support team’s assistance to make sure that everything is set up and working fine.

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