40 Million Web Hosting Companies – How do You Choose the Right One?

With more than 40 million web hosting companies eager to have a piece of your money, how do you differentiate the good from the bad. Here are five factors to consider to help you choose the best web hosting services company for your website:


Hackers are on the prowl looking for vulnerable websites to break into. You want to have a website that is protected from hackers and viruses. You want a web hosting company that have the resources to protect their servers. If security is critical to your own online business, consider getting a dedicated secure server with encyption capabilities.

Server Space

Make sure you select a web hosting package that provides sufficient disk space for your website. Provide allowance for your future growth. For a small information website, some 500 MB to 1 GB of disk space should suffice. However if you are running a directory website to share images, videos, software o or documents, you will need a much large disk space.


The reliability of the servers and the percentage of uptime is critical to your business. If the servers are always down, then your customers cannot access your website and you could be losing money. You should expect the company to guarantee at least 99.5% uptime. They should backup all your files. For faster access such as file transfers, it is better to host your server in the countries of your target market.


Good web hosting companies provide 24-hour support through many channels such as phone support, text messaging, email, FAQ, knowledgebase and forums. They should offer you a support ticket when you submit your question through the online form. In this way, you can track the status of your query.


If you are a technie, you will want the web hosting company to be able to allow you to install CGI script by giving you access to the CGI-BIN folder. Examples are CG scripts are mailing list management script, contact forms, and credit card processing scripts. If you are able to install your own scripts, you can configure them to suit your own needs.

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